Eddie and Brenda Foley are a Knoxville, Tn. based, married photography team, individually involved in photography on the professional level, long before having met. Our marriage in 2012 not only wedded two people  who vowed to love one another for life, but also joined two different distinct photography styles, that together have combined to create not only award winning photography, but a special blend of photographic styles that creates an emotional bond with the viewer. 

   Brenda and Eddie are both multi award winning photographers, locally, nationally, as well as internationally, through the Professional Photographers of America, the Tennessee Professional Photographer's Association, as well as the Professional Photographers of East Tn. Their work has also been published in local and national periodicals, having collaborated with other photographers and marketers on national ad campaigns.

   Eddie's journey into photography began as a child, getting deeply lost in the photography of "Life Magazine". The captivating, and historic images displayed across it's pages were initially, entertaining, but as he grew older, what became more important was realizing that the story, both physical and emotional could be narrated through a single image, properly captured. IN 1976 Eddie picked up his first camera after joining the Marines, and spent 4 years documenting his travels through Mediterranean Sea, and southern Europe. The love affair with photography continued when adventures in life brought him to a life in Wyoming, among the majestic mountains and wildlife that made up the landscape of western Wyoming.

   Eddie has been instrumental in teaching photography, and photography related subjects, from familiarizing clients with their camera functions, posing, lighting, and photo editing, to name a few.

   Eddie currently serves as the President of the Professional Photographers of East Tn., and the President Elect of the Tn. Professional Photographers Association.